Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6 degrees again

you know that whole 6 degrees thing, how we are all somehow intertwined to each other within 6 relationships? Well today I went to a blog and while reading comments clickes on a name, read their whole story and then went to one of his friends. AND WOW found a great thing....

today I went to withoutwax>comments from today's post>Visual trademark you have to read the miracle about their new little prince Asher, wow! God is so good. Then onto In case you were wondering he does this whole Positive post Tuesday. I love this! Better than that, he wrote a ton about CHINA! I have dear dear friends who are in the process of adopting from China Beeson's in Idaho, I had renewed hope today that their adoption is going to come to fruition after so many months of waiting.

We then link our site to his site and post something positive..... building someone up!

I can't think of anyone more deserving than our darling daughter Savannah. She is seriously funny, a great friend to her crew, such a helper in our store and at home, she loves the Lord, she worships and dances whenever she gets a chance, she takes care of our dogs, enjoys babysitting the children of our church and truly has a servants heart. She is a seeker of knowledge devouring books and facts/trivia, she roots for the underdog and is a friend to those that need one. She is cautious but free loving w/the arts. She has a deep appreciation for the simple green life and wishes to be kind to the earth and its resources. She loves to bake and cook, and would love to learn to really sew and knit. She has a whole world ahead of her and plenty adventures to come! I am thankful she is part of our family, and glad to hang out with her and make memories together. Now...... if she would just get her driver's license....
Tell me about your 6 degrees experience? Anyone great you have met? or grown to admire? Have a postive post you want to share! Come on, it will make you feel good!


MrsD said...

Now another serious comment.

She has learned her graciousness from you! I'm not surprised what a great person she is. She has you.

Is she looking for any more families to babysit for?

Brody Harper said...

Thanks so much for participating. It's amazing to see what's happening with all of this.

brody harper

CJ Mills said...

Thanks for stopping by. As Brody said, its great to see the community build here!

CJ Mills // www.visualtrademark.com