Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

It's Saturday, what a fun day!
-no work, okay the store but thats what I love
-no alarm clocks
-dogs slept in past 6am
-fun people coming in the store
-diet coke is on sale -now thats something to talk about!
-Jake is working for dad, (more money for fireworks)
-mom has a much needed day off

Too many this list is just normal to me they are small blessings that make me smile and remind me life is good. You know that's what scrapbooking is about. Reminders that life is good! Its a chance to document all the blessings God has given us. I made a shadow box this week and its a picture of my husband and I in the backyard. The quote says it all..... "We live by Faith and not by site" thats what this life is about.
Step out in faith, get married
Step out in faith, open a store
Step out in faith in friendships

Enough sap, as always I link to link to a favorite blog or site I frequent. Check out the girls near us at

Friday, June 29, 2007

doing the Happy Dance-- its Friday!

My crop was cancelled tonight, so I am getting some things done. I picked up Jake's contacts, and got home before 8pm. What a great nite. Mike leaves for Texas around 3am. He is going to see his mom in Austin. She moved last year and this is a good time for him to go see her. We get a fun little weekend alone. Its great having the kids around. The house is more alive. I love summer.

I was thinking today about what a nice week this is.. I like the 4th of July for the fact we live in such a wonderful country, but also because we get together as a family. I love when we are altogether for dinner. My dad is a big kid on the 4th. He and Jake spend the day scaring every
animal in the neighborhood with their illegal mortors and bottle rockets. My mom brings out her wonderful potato salad, and dad grills up some burgers and dogs.

My good pal Becky has a new blog I have to recommend, she has some of the cutest kids on this planet.... check out

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just another day in paradise

Today was just a day. You know, nothing hugely wrong, nothing great. Work was work, and at times its really mundane. I had a lot of customer interaction and that got old really fast. I had a few hours today with my daughter Savannah. She is witty and bright, so much fun, and I think really searching to discover who she is....ahhh the perils of being a teenager. I am so thankful that I know a Father, Jesus who will take care of her and will show her the way to walk. There is a great big world out there for her is she will just take a few steps outside her comfort zone.

Tonight Tami taught a really great class at the store inspired by Junkitz, it was an All about me album. The girls really embraced the knowledge that we are behind the camera and taking sometime to tell those around us what we love and who we think we are is so important. We convinced Cori to come down and take some pictures for us for our new website but it was really a plot to celebrate her birthday. She is such a wonderful person and so special in my heart. We share a peanut buster parfait ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and a few laughs. She got a darling fossil handbag from Tami Sue. It was a nice break celebrating Cori. I know you will get to meet these great girls soon, as they are creating their blogs as we speak. I tell you. God knew what he was doing when he loaned me them. They are funny, loyal, laid back, supportive, they make me smile and always know when to listen as I whine and find my way. I fully believe that Tami creates in her sleep and Cori knows what what embellishment goes with what.

Next time I will introduce you to Debbie and Erin. Great, Creative girls that make some fantastic layouts and projects!

I am off to watch a movie with Savannah and to sleepi nite nite... as we say at our house. .... here is my blog of the day recommendation....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today was a big day

Not only did we get my blog going, my store website is in the works. There are tons of changes but its really exciting. I spent the day making suggestions to Kevin the designer, I am sure he is wondering why I would change the type from black to brown and why to me fonts are so important. But when you are a scrapbooker little details make it work. I hope that all the designers will have their blogs up and running this weekend. They are a talented bunch. Check out our gallery soon to see some amazing layouts.

I haven't seen mike and the kids for a few days so I am off to play mom and bring home pizza, or as Jake reminded me "pizzaones" from Pizza Hut. Tomorrow nite its off to Becky's birthday for a nite out with Jamie and Tiff. Its going to be so much fun being a girl again.

If you need a laugh tonight, check out this blog... its really funny.

My very own blog

Along with the store website we are going to have blogs! I am now hooked on them.Some of my favorites are and I will add more as the day goes on.

I am excited to join the online chit chat world!