Friday, November 30, 2007

Family photos without the stress!

Last year we were fortunate to have family pictures taken with our dogs. We have an amazing photographer, Ang Movius who came to our house. Most of us don't plan ahead or can't fathom standing in line at Wal Mart for hours on end to have a photo taken. We have set up a mini photo studio for the weekend. You can come tonight from 4-7 or Sunday and have pictures taken. We have created affordable packages for you and your family. Call for more details!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Snow and fun fun in the store

I am loving this week. The weatherman keeps telling us that its going to snow. I mean snow. They keep telling us on the news that there is a 80-90-100% chance of snow. But this morning, no snow! Don't get me wrong, I like the look of snow, I like to see it on the mountains, but I don't like to drive in it or walk in it. I hate having my shoes be wet. Another wake-up and no snow. Woohoo! Yesterday it was 50 degrees when I went to lunch, now that is a perfect day.

Tonight I am making the cutest banner for my Just Add Wine Class. You are going to love it! It is N-O-E-L I was inspired by Stephanie I will upload a picture later of mine. I used Heidi Grace paper and it turned out fun. I think the girls tonight will love it!

If you are looking for a fun calendar to make Debbie K and Kristi W both have samples on display! We had a great Christmas card class Monday. My Believe class is coming soon, December 10th, the sample will go up this weekend. Sign up early there are limited seats!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Being Thankful on a Monday

today I am thankful for...
- diet coke, ( I know this doesn't surprise you)
- a very relaxing Thanksgiving day with family
- the Christmas lights around town. It makes this time of year magical
- Savannah, Jake and I are learning to use a loom to knit. Its fun
- I met a new doctor today who was kind, compasionate and a Christian
- an Amazing mom and dad who take time to mentor my husband and I in business
- a caring brother whom far away but calls daily to check in
- a great pan of dream bars Savannah made last nite that were too rich to eat but so yummy smelling

How about you? Any little thing caught you eye and made you thankful this week?

Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's official, we have CHRISTMAS MUSIC PLAYING!
I love it!
It makes me smile

Do you have a favorite Christmas carol? Do you have a favorite childhood memory of singing either carolling with friends or just singing around the piano. I remember my 5th grade Christmas concert, I loved every song and probably could sing them still today!

I think I am going to make a layout about Christmas carols, how about you?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Store fun!


Hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends. We enjoyed a relaxing day with great good and Christmas tree decorating.

The store is bustling with ideas for this holiday season.

Snacks, drinks, fun, lots of work space to create
Share some friendly conversation and keep inspired!
We know you want to get out of the house!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Those I love and miss

We had a working lunch today at my office. While we were eating we went around and shared our favorite Thanksgiving dish. There was lots of fun answers, I think that Stuffing was a clear front runner. I really thought and thought about it. I loved my grandma's rolls, we fought over them when she was alive and none of us know how to make them. I like mashed potato's probably 'cause we don't really ever have them and my mom makes great potato's. I really like that we sit around and visit. My dad is a great story teller.

I will admit that I miss some faces around our table.

My brother and sister in law aren't coming home this year, they will stay in the twin cities and celebrate with family there. My aunt flew to Palm Springs to get warm in the sun with some good friends.

But also missing is my Grandma Madora, my uncle Roger and my other grandparents the Freeberg's. I truly miss my Grandma Do, she was my best friend, in fact my folks live in her home. Its hard not having her here. But she is with us, I can still hear her voice in the kitchen, see her apron, and smell the rolls. My dad's brother Roger passed away very unexpectedly last October. He was a character. Told GREAT stories and really completed my dad's life. He was only in our family for a few years but it was fantastic times. I think his wife and kids have a pretty big hole in their hearts around the holidays. The Freebergs were my adopted grandparents. They were an amazing couple, I was married on the day they celebrated their 60th wedding Anniversary. They truly were in love. She tended to him like no other. She was famous for baking amazing pies and cookies. She was all of 5 foot tall but she ran a tight home. I loved to sit and visit with her. They both passed away to a better place a few years ago and I am sure are loving dinners together in heaven.

I have a full and rich life, So much to be thankful for. I love the times to remember and Thank God. I hope you will do the same. PS we have several empty chairs around our table if you'd like to share a meal, just call or stop by. There is always room!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Being Thankful

Last week I took a break from my Monday Being Thankful Blogging and I missed it. I think its good to be reminded of what really matters..... or in my mind the "good"
-a dog who cuddled up in bed with me this morning 'cause he was cold
-a mom who is making Thanksgiving dinner even though she is tired, hurting and doesn't want too
-a husband who went to work even when his whole being told him not too, he went and then thanked me for sticking with him
-a really fun class I took with Tami yesterday that got me in the mood for the holidays, Thanks Tami for sharing your gifts, talents and friendship.
-Wendy E for coming to our crop and being herself, we love ya girl!!
-Savannah for taking a chance to talking to her bio mom again even if it is uncomfortable
-I survived Wal Mart last nite (not my favorite place)
-friends who call just to check in
-diet coke (this I will always include 'cause its my "comfort food"
-a dad who was willing to listen early this morning and talk about his business, and who was willing to change..... I hope I can continue to learn from him

what are you thankful for? I am going to do some Thankful pages this week, in fact, let's have a contest. Bring in your Thankful page to the store, get a photo copy and Sunday we will draw for a gift! How about a Scenic Route gift... sound fun???

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fun at the store

Just sharing some fun....

Jamie made a darling page of her kids. I am thankful I have friends that scrapbook, its just means more time we can spend together.

A Darling Christmas paint can made by my mom!

I made some calendar pages... I have wanted to documents our crazy lives for a long time. So this week we made pages to remember the fun we had and all that we did.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Upcoming projects and classes

Scrapbook weekend

I had the chance to escape for the weekend and spend time at a lake house with some friends. We took tons of scrapbooking items, set up a table and just had fun! Erica flew in from California and Jamie joined me from Lewiston. They made really fun pages and I altered some letters. I encourage you if you need to get energized and regroup, get away with some girls and be creative. If you have too many home commitments and too many jobs, then take a nite and come and work at the store. Friday nite from 5-11 for just $5 you can enjoy some peace and quiet and make some fun projects. Erin and Kristi W are hosting a work time aka CROP at the store. Your family will love what you make and you will love getting out of the house. (Thanks Jamie and Erica for letting me channel surf to my hearts content and especially thanks for the laughs and love)
The Thanksgiving block class tomorrow nite is sold out! But watch the December calendar for the "Believe" Block class. Just ADD Wine is Wednesday and the layouts are GREAT! Can you even believe Thanksgiving is next week? I woke up this morning and panic set in. I have a lot to do. Tami and Cori worked this weekend setting up projects in the store and a motivation station. You have to stop by~

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tired and Excited and Tired.......

is it just me or is this week busy and I am constantly tired? WOW!

The store is hoppin', I think people are getting the holiday fever. Me and My Big Ideas Christmas, and Scenice Route's Roxbury are doing GREAT! Cosmo Cricket is almost sold out.

Do you know someone who wants to start scrapbooking? Kristi W will have a "Let's get started class" Monday nite at 6pm. She will show people the ropes, tools, etc and you will get to make a page! how great is that?

Tami and Cori are hosting their ever popular CROP this Sunday at the store, these girls make some amazing projects. You should stop by 10-4 Sunday.

Mark your calendars next Friday nite the 16th, Erin and Kristi W are hosting their first ever FANTASTIC FRIDAY CROP NITE!!! Kristi W is working on a calendar, Erin has a darling GRATITUDE Book. You should definitely hang out with these girls for an evening!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Last nite while working the phone rang and it was Mike asking for my mom. I know it must be something with one of the dogs. Later I arrived home to find Duke, our oldest boxer nursing a torn toenail. He somehow tore it almost in half near the quick. It was bleeding a little and he was limping. I cleaned it and dressed, then got some water. When I returned he not only had the dressing remove but he was eating the dressing, tape and all. Dang Dog!!!

He slept near my pillow last nite as he was hurting, (yeah right) and so there are little trails of his blood here and there. I knew we needed to do something, so I made him a vet appt for this afternoon. I took my lunch from 3-4pm and off to the Vet we went. He was so good. He greated everyone on the waiting room like they were all there to see him. He weighs 84 lbs, geesh! The vet is GREAT. She hugged and kissed on him and he played shake to show her his broken nail. Then she kept loving on him and while he wasn't looking she clipped off the nail. It worked, he just yiped a bit, but then he wagged his tail. I paid the bill and Duke went back home after his pedicure. Of course he didn't choose a color because he just simply couldn't decide. HAHAHAAA Thankfully, it wasn't costly and he is doing great!

Monday, November 5, 2007

A fun kind of TAG..... you're it

to know more about you....
Yourself: looking around every corner for creativity
Your partner: on the mend both physically and emotionally
Your hair: sort of short and sassy but wish it were a bit different
Your mother: warm, friendly, unconditional and my pal
Your father: hilarious and a kind soul
Your favorite item: right now, my current Jamie handbag
Your dream last night: full of funny characters, in motion picture with sound and color
Your favorite drink: diet coke, yeah baby
Your dream car: a pearl colored lincoln navigator totally loaded (I can provide my address for delivery)
Dream home: on the river with a dock
The room you are in: office cubicle
Your fear: too many to list....
Where you want to be in 10 years: scrapbooking with my girls
Who you hung out with last night: the "Babies" aka the dogs and Jake
You’re not: an accoutant
One of your wish list items: a dream back-yard with a pool
The last thing you did: had lunch with a great friend
You are wearing: Brown trousers, brown mules and a stripped 3/4 sleeve shirt
Your favorite weather: crisp Autumn
Your favorite book: too many to list.....
Last thing you ate: cheddar broccoli soup, 1/2 a sandwich and diet coke
Your life: going about 65mph, a little too fast for more families
Your mood: cautious
Your best friend: my brother Jayson
What are you thinking about right now: teaching a class tonight I know nothing about
Your car: Racer Red Dodge minivan (come on, its sporty and you know it)
What are you doing at the moment: remembering I need to pay our mortgage like now
Relationship status: married, 9 years to My Mike.
What is on your t.v: anything we can DVR we are too spoiled to watch real time TV
When is the last time you laughed: today while opening the work mail, I was with my friend Aurie and she can make me laugh.

BUSY week

Busy busy week at CROP PAPER SCISSORS
Tonight Erin has a Snowman Christmas Card Class. 6 cards beginning at 6pm. They are darling!
Tuesday nite Debbie has an accordian album class at 5:30. GREAT Christmas gift.
Wednesday nite there is KIDS CLUB from 4:30-6:00pm
Thursday nite is HAPPY HOUR from 5-7. Double punches!

There will be new Me and My Big Ideas product out this week, Cosmo Cricket is flying out the door. Don't forget we have a 12 x 12 color copier! If you are making a family album, photo copy one for yourself.

I am getting more details on the SPRING Cruise in case you are interested, leave me a comment or drop me and email.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday and time

I love the time change. Okay let's be more specific. I love the FALL time change. Knowing that when the bedroom clock said 7:10am it was only 6:10am now that's a gift! I didn't have a great Saturday, it was very melancoly but today was better. The sun was shining, we took our Boxer dog Buster to play at our friend Kim's house with her new puppy Dixie and they had a blast. Mike had I enjoyed a relaxing lunch and now I am at my favorite place, THE STORE. I like working Sundays. I seem to get a lot accomplished. Tonight I am hoping when I return home the laundry genie will have been there, if not I have exciting plans watching Amazing Race and doing laundry. Do you like the time change?

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I have learned a hard lesson this week. Due to some power issues with our circut breaker box we killed our computer at the store. I know, its not pretty. BUT...... there were pictures stored on that computer. Oh my gosh... now what?????? I am trying fast and furious to recover those photos with our computer tech Kevin, I am praying to GOD they are still alive.

I tell people all the time we scrapbook to preserve the moments in our lives, be smart, upload your photos to a website like Costco, or Snapfish and get a CD when you get prints, that way if you computer burned up, dies or gets stolen you still have those glimpses in your life you can't replicate. I didn't do it. I do upload often, so there are probably a couple hundred photos sitting there on the desktop.... I know Kevin will be able to help me but in the meantime I am back on the bandwagon.

GET YOUR PHOTOS off your camera.
Upload them to an offsite website
Print out your photos, and get a CD

DO IT NOW! Don't gamble and lose like me.