Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Last nite while working the phone rang and it was Mike asking for my mom. I know it must be something with one of the dogs. Later I arrived home to find Duke, our oldest boxer nursing a torn toenail. He somehow tore it almost in half near the quick. It was bleeding a little and he was limping. I cleaned it and dressed, then got some water. When I returned he not only had the dressing remove but he was eating the dressing, tape and all. Dang Dog!!!

He slept near my pillow last nite as he was hurting, (yeah right) and so there are little trails of his blood here and there. I knew we needed to do something, so I made him a vet appt for this afternoon. I took my lunch from 3-4pm and off to the Vet we went. He was so good. He greated everyone on the waiting room like they were all there to see him. He weighs 84 lbs, geesh! The vet is GREAT. She hugged and kissed on him and he played shake to show her his broken nail. Then she kept loving on him and while he wasn't looking she clipped off the nail. It worked, he just yiped a bit, but then he wagged his tail. I paid the bill and Duke went back home after his pedicure. Of course he didn't choose a color because he just simply couldn't decide. HAHAHAAA Thankfully, it wasn't costly and he is doing great!


Aunt Jan said...

Chance say's "I feel for ya!" Bud... I've been there...a few times.. did they give you a treat for being good? Keep the nails cut..lol..stop the digging..lol..see ya, Chance