Monday, November 26, 2007

Being Thankful on a Monday

today I am thankful for...
- diet coke, ( I know this doesn't surprise you)
- a very relaxing Thanksgiving day with family
- the Christmas lights around town. It makes this time of year magical
- Savannah, Jake and I are learning to use a loom to knit. Its fun
- I met a new doctor today who was kind, compasionate and a Christian
- an Amazing mom and dad who take time to mentor my husband and I in business
- a caring brother whom far away but calls daily to check in
- a great pan of dream bars Savannah made last nite that were too rich to eat but so yummy smelling

How about you? Any little thing caught you eye and made you thankful this week?


Jamie said...

That my hubby had a 4 day weekend and we are rested, christmas lights, hot coca and snuggling with my kids in a warm down comforter:)oh, and pepsi with special ice!

Scrapping Mommy said...

That you helped me straighted out nasty buisness.

TAMI said...

*thankful my headache has finally gone away
*thankful for ALL my wonderful friends old & new!
*thankful for my new ride arriving tomorrow
*thankful my Christmas cards are all made
*thankful for double shot Snickers in the A.M.
*thankful for Jayton's uniquely awesome smile
*thankful that Ashlyn is so helpful
*thankful for Jeff just being Jeff!

shauna said...

I second you on that diet coke...

I really wanted to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in the interest of trying to make this divorce amicable I opted to stay home this year. I'm hoping to visit maybe February or March, maybe? You know I'll be crashing your store then, demanding that we enjoy a diet coke together (and hopefully you'll be having one of your fabulous classes while I'm home).