Monday, November 12, 2007

Scrapbook weekend

I had the chance to escape for the weekend and spend time at a lake house with some friends. We took tons of scrapbooking items, set up a table and just had fun! Erica flew in from California and Jamie joined me from Lewiston. They made really fun pages and I altered some letters. I encourage you if you need to get energized and regroup, get away with some girls and be creative. If you have too many home commitments and too many jobs, then take a nite and come and work at the store. Friday nite from 5-11 for just $5 you can enjoy some peace and quiet and make some fun projects. Erin and Kristi W are hosting a work time aka CROP at the store. Your family will love what you make and you will love getting out of the house. (Thanks Jamie and Erica for letting me channel surf to my hearts content and especially thanks for the laughs and love)
The Thanksgiving block class tomorrow nite is sold out! But watch the December calendar for the "Believe" Block class. Just ADD Wine is Wednesday and the layouts are GREAT! Can you even believe Thanksgiving is next week? I woke up this morning and panic set in. I have a lot to do. Tami and Cori worked this weekend setting up projects in the store and a motivation station. You have to stop by~


Jamie said...

Boy don't I look busy in this picture? Good times my friend.