Thursday, November 1, 2007


I have learned a hard lesson this week. Due to some power issues with our circut breaker box we killed our computer at the store. I know, its not pretty. BUT...... there were pictures stored on that computer. Oh my gosh... now what?????? I am trying fast and furious to recover those photos with our computer tech Kevin, I am praying to GOD they are still alive.

I tell people all the time we scrapbook to preserve the moments in our lives, be smart, upload your photos to a website like Costco, or Snapfish and get a CD when you get prints, that way if you computer burned up, dies or gets stolen you still have those glimpses in your life you can't replicate. I didn't do it. I do upload often, so there are probably a couple hundred photos sitting there on the desktop.... I know Kevin will be able to help me but in the meantime I am back on the bandwagon.

GET YOUR PHOTOS off your camera.
Upload them to an offsite website
Print out your photos, and get a CD

DO IT NOW! Don't gamble and lose like me.


Becky said...

Your kidding! Oh man...that really, really sucks.

Is the whole computer trashed or can it be fixed?

I am copying my stuff off of here tomarrow...

Kristi said...

Becky's right, that really, really sucks. Have learned my lesson and always make a backup CD whenever I download pics to my computer. Takes an extra minute or two, but gives me peace of mind.

sohpiasmom said...

So true! Just a couple of months ago, my hubby bought an external hard drive and now I store ALL of my pictures on there...thank God! I've heard of these things happening to a lot of other people. Good luck recovering your pics!!

3weens said...

I just wanted to stop by and say hi to my fellow fiskateers. I am sure you will be successfull at rescuing the pics!

shauna said...

I hope you recovered them! I'll take your advice and download all the pictures from my camera.