Monday, November 19, 2007

Being Thankful

Last week I took a break from my Monday Being Thankful Blogging and I missed it. I think its good to be reminded of what really matters..... or in my mind the "good"
-a dog who cuddled up in bed with me this morning 'cause he was cold
-a mom who is making Thanksgiving dinner even though she is tired, hurting and doesn't want too
-a husband who went to work even when his whole being told him not too, he went and then thanked me for sticking with him
-a really fun class I took with Tami yesterday that got me in the mood for the holidays, Thanks Tami for sharing your gifts, talents and friendship.
-Wendy E for coming to our crop and being herself, we love ya girl!!
-Savannah for taking a chance to talking to her bio mom again even if it is uncomfortable
-I survived Wal Mart last nite (not my favorite place)
-friends who call just to check in
-diet coke (this I will always include 'cause its my "comfort food"
-a dad who was willing to listen early this morning and talk about his business, and who was willing to change..... I hope I can continue to learn from him

what are you thankful for? I am going to do some Thankful pages this week, in fact, let's have a contest. Bring in your Thankful page to the store, get a photo copy and Sunday we will draw for a gift! How about a Scenic Route gift... sound fun???


TAMI said...

I too am thankful for you!! HUGS!

Becky said...

How can you not LOVE Wal-Mart.... :)

Only if we had a Target, would Lewiston be almost perfect......well, not really. But it would be grand woudln't it?