Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a fun week!

KIDS Club is Tuesday. Its a great time for children to spend time in the classroom creating their own scrapbooks. Debbie is an amazing teacher. Call today for reservations.

Saturday is National Card Making day. We're having an all day open house. Stop by to make Christmas cards, Fall cards, All occasion or birthday cards. We will be giving away prizes throughout the day. Don't miss out on such a creative time!
(card sample taken from

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yummy Fall Flavors

There is something about Fall and crock pots. I hope that doesn't sound funny. But something about cooler evenings and a pot roast with potato's, carrots and a hearty beef broth simmering when walk in the door. My husband loves to use the crock pot. This week he slow cooked a roast and layered in herbs and potato's, the whole house smelled warm and yummy. (Of course by the time I arrived home at 10pm it was cold, but I know the thought was there.

In case you want to give it a whirl.. .here is what he did; a 2 lb chuck roast on a rack in the bottom, with cut up potatos, carrots, an onion, salt, pepper, one package of onion soup mix, a can of beef broth and water to fill till almost full. Then cooked it for 8 hours. simple and nice. The kids love it.

Tonight I heard he is making chicken enchiladas in the crockpot, its just cubed chicken, layered with tortilla, green chilis, cream of mushroom soup and then cheese at the end.
Maybe we should do a winter recipe swap at the store of great crock pot recipes...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life givers.... great girls

There are few people who come into our lives who make an impression.

Erin came to us out of no where it seemed, she brings a few look and a youthful spirit. She also introduced us to Kristi W. These ladies have creativity that just ooozes out of them. They are full of spunk and fun and encouragement. Check out their blogs listed on the left and get inspired. I love having them around. They give life and love to great creative.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We're going to have a great nite Saturday
making projects, altering letters, mini books and more
We will have a whole table of FAZZARI'S as well
This is a fun time away from home, no phones, kids or laundry!
Get on the phone, make your reservation and get in here!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fun week

We're having fun this week at the store...
Monday nite Erin has a layout class with some fun layouts
and amazing ladies. 6:30 pm
Wednesday I will be teaching Just Add Wine.
This is a fun class featuring 4 layouts and of course beverages!
Saturday nite SMART Girls crop is back! 5-11pm is reserved
for being creative with other great girls.
Get out of the house and make something!
You can make cards, pages, letters, a mini album and more.
We will serve Fazzari's and drinks!
you bring the dessert.... now doesn't that sound like a wonderful nite.

Call for reservations. We would love to see you.

We received a huge shipment of Heidi Grace last week. Me and My Big Ideas has some fun shirt irons, and the new Sanctuary line. We will have new albums from We R Memory Keepers and by Friday we should see Urban Lilly!!!! Oh yeah not to forget GREAT IMPRESSIONS Stamps are on the way


How does one thank people for all their help and dedication. Tami and Cori are my rockstars! They are always on the spot. Tami designed an amazing fair booth for the Nez Perce Fair. She took time off of her real job to help us. She often is found merchandising in the store on Friday afternoons nad coming up with amazing samples/classes for us. She always has a smile, and a quirky comment. She is the one whom I can run something by and she'll tell you what she really thinks. That is invaluable to me as a first time business owner.

Cori is our cheerleader. She is loving, kind and always available to lend a helping hand. She is sweet and someone I turn too often for comfort and friendship. She too has amazing ideas running thru her head and rally's friends to our store often.

These girls amaze me. They are devoted to scrapbooking and preserving memories. They love to get creative and bless others with their designs. I have no clue what I would do without them. Thank you Tami and Cori..... I love you more than you know and thanks again for loving me and the store.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happenings! new arrivals and a new KIT

I have to mention Erin's Kit club that begins Saturday. 11 lucky ladies will get to purchase special product that is not open to the public. This month features amazing American Crafts paper. For just 27.95/mo you will get inspired and keep creating. Don's miss it 11am Saturday.

New items! New fun
We received a huge shipment this week of Heidi Grace and Cloud 9. Many of you have heard of FISKARS because of their great tools namely scissors and trimmers. They also have fun stamps, paper, and embellishments. There are great colors and lots to choose from! We love finding items to appeal to all ages, and genres. Come see Rebecca tomorrow and check out the new stuff. Debbie will be in the store Saturday. Come crop with her, if you missed the retreat, think of it as a mini retreat just at the store, no laundry, no kids and no worries.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thanking Cosmo Cricket

Ladies who attended the "InScraptivity" Weekend would you please take a moment to send a quick email thank you to Cosmo Cricket for their generous donations.... Cosmo Cricket. They provided to us the ornaments and also the lacing card kits.
If you have layouts please bring them to the store and let us photocopy them for display. Or if you have digial pic's would you burn us a CD? or upload them to costco for us so we can get them printed? We would love to post some pic's from the weekend on the blog.

Thanks for helping us thank COSMO CRICKET!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Come to the FAIR

We're going to the FAIR. Mom and Tami spent the entire day today decorating the most wonderful booth at the Nez Perce fair. Our booth showcases some great layouts, projects, cards, calendars and altered projects. We will be selling some amazing Christmas projects for just $5. Don't miss out this weekend, stop by and say Hello!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


We're BACK! I can't wait for you to check out Rebecca's, Erin's, Tami's and Cori's blogs, I hope they will put up pictures.... don't forget to check Aunt Jan and Michelle's too. We spent from Thursday at noon till Sunday at 4pm in the mountains at a remote ski lodge surrounded by God's beauty and tons of printed papers. There was music in the background, endless chatter, too many yummy snacks and a whole lotta craftin' going on. It was wonderful!

Ask Tami and Cori about their RAMBO adventure. We had a camo theme going on for the weekend and they visited our cabin fully decked out with paint for make-up and cropping tools for weapons. Kristi and Cori were nice enough to be the papparazzi for us and I can't wait to see their pictures.

We had some exciting news upon arrival, our good friends Heather H and Shannon E announced they were with "child" joining Katie and Amanda and hopefully bringing some more darlings into the world for us to scrapbook.

Cori gave a fun talk on journaling, Tami on doodling. (I will post the awesome layout she made for me) Erin on paint and Debbie on using 2 papers and an accessory. There were tons of fun prizes, and great giveaways. We can't thank COSMO CRICKET enough for our gifts. If you think of it, PLEASE go to their blog and thank them for us. It was amazing. Each girl came home with a desk top tote and tons of paper and other goodies.

We hope people will drop by with a layout, we want to take pictures/copies and place them around the store.

Thanks for going ladies

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's time!!! RETREAT

It's here, we are in the final countdown, if you stopped by the store today you might have noticed that some tables are missing and there are boxes everywhere. We have packed and as my friend james says "we are ready to roll!" Tonight I hope to get some clothes packed and get some sleep. I know that as I drive up the hill and into the mountains, I will enjoy the smell of fresh pine and love the crisp Fall air. Its going to be a great weekend to chit chat with friends, remember some fun times with my kids, family and a few trips, but most of all get away from my cells phones, insurance companies nitemares and work worries. (this week we moved offices and it was a pain) I know that I am going to eat too much 'cause the lodge makes the most amazing food and who could resist. I am going to sleep in each morning thanks to my trusty ear plugs and love being with so many fun people. I can't wait to hear kid stories of back to school, soccer and football, or who took what vacation this summer. I know that I will hear my fair share of funny jokes and probably laugh till I cry, but it will be worth it.

If you are lonely and not coming alone, Jimelle has some great classes this weekend, we received a fantastic new paperline, "Daisy Buckets" that is just flying out the door! We have new paint, solid fun shaped Bazzill cardstock and these absolutely darling mini totes. You are going to die!

See you Monday, I will be the one at work that is completele exhausted but I will be present with a smile and a story to share.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Countdown continues.. 48 hours

We are packing. The store is looking a bit bare. We are taking paper off the shelves, projects and more. Its been so fun and yet making sure that each and every item will be what someone wants. I can't believe that its so soon till we leave.

We received some much needed product today in the store. You won't believe how blessed we were by one of our favorite companies. Thanks to Julie at MillsRepco and her contacts with CosmoCricket the girls on our retreat are goin to be blown away! Its simply amazing!!!

Tomorrow we load up the tables, the cricut, and our personal scrapbooking items, we are hoping that we will be able to actually get somethings done as well.

Do you have your photos ready? Cardstock? Scissorss? embellies? yummy snack? Drinks? wine?

Stop by and see mom tomorrow if you think you are missing that perfect cardstock.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

This week at the STORE


Monday- Christmas cards with Erin. 6:30-8 5 cards for just $15
Tuesday- Get packed for the retreat
Wednesday- Just Add Wine begins another session 6:30pm 4 layouts $10 featured with Wine
Thursday- Leave for Retreat 9:30am
Thursday- Jimelle card class $15 see store for samples
Saturday- Jimelle card class $15
Sunday- store open 12-4 and retreat concludes

More countdown to retreat

How Scrap Camp is better than Huntin' camp

No tents or trailers. instead we have an amazing lodge with comfy beds and bedding

We spend the weekend inside, with huge picture windows looking over the forest.

We can spend the weekend in our stylish pajammas or cute scrapbooking shirts, not head too toe in camo covered in urine so that animals will draw close.

We don't have to spend thousands of dollars on guns and ammo that never get shot 'cause the elk, dear mysteriously stay away.

We don't have to cook over an open fire and do the dishes in a creek, instead we will sit down to homemade gourmet meals cooked for us and walk away while someone does the dishes.

We don't need to sit around and impress each other with our conquests of how many antlers on each rack, instead we get to brag about our kids or reminsece about a fun vacation we took

We aren't threatended by someone driving by, on our turf instead we welcome a new friend and ask them to sit with us and share a meal.

All in all there are a million reasons why Scrap Camp is better than any Huntin' Camp

Countdown to Scrap Camp

Packing up.... Mom and Debbie spent the weekend packing up the store. I know that sounds odd but we take a good deal of inventory with us to the lodge. We take all types of cardstock, ribbons, projects and ideas. We hope to make it a very inspiring weekend.

Many people have asked about the weekend and how it will go.
We want you to know that a lot of effort has gone into making this a creative, relaxing time with friends. We want you to be comfortable and forget about the kids, laundry, and work. With that in mind there are 60 people that all want a certain seat, particular room, or even special paper. Our crew hopes to grant every wish. But we hope you will be gracious with us and understanding. We promise to do our best with a smile. We hope you will just sit back and enjoy the ride. There will be old friends and new, great talks, meals and classes. Lots of surprises. So get ready for a fantastic getaway!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Countdown to Scrap Camp

I missed a day in the countdown so I will feature two of my favorite items in the store. Zip dry and rub-ons.

Last year when we went to our first trade show, Memory Trends, we were given samples of Zip Dry to test in all of our classes. Zip dry is made by Beacon designs and it is a bottle of fast drying glue. Its repositionable for the first 10 mins and wipes away clean if you don't like the placement. After 10 mins its perm. I have fallen in love with this medium. Its so easy to use and goes a long way. It is great on ribbon, plastic, metal, wood and most embellishments. We love to use it when altering letters or working with chipboard. I think that you will love this glue. In fact its going to be on sale at the retreat.

Rub-ons. Truly I am in love, you will see them all over our store and on the weekend. Rub-ons remind me of being in grade school. I don't know why but its like magic, you rub an image over paper, ribbon, picture, etc and its there. I love it. I love to make borders or just add something special. They come in all colors too, they are so much more fun than a sticker or something raised 'cause you wonder where they come from. I know you will love rub ons and if you don't know how to use them, let us know, plenty of us know the in's and out's

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Less then a week till the retreat... countdown..

I was looking around the store tonight and one of my favorite things we sell is RIBBON. I love ribbon, I have loved it from the time I was a small child. There are so many textures, styles and colors. We recently received a huge shipment of ribbon, crushed velvet ric rac, printed sheers, and double sided ribbons. We have dark rich colors, soft pinks and blues, ribbon with words and ribbon that holds shape. I think that ribbon is fun to attach a tag with, or to divide the page and even seperate the journal box. I hope you will take time to see what ribbon that enhance your layout and make it extra special. We will be sure to bring along quite a bit of ribbon, but you just might want to come in this weekend and see what is there..... you won't want to miss out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Countdown continues...

Altered items.... I love to alter things. Letters, notebooks, tins, albums, you name it, I like to paint it, sand it cover it in paper and then add some bling. Tonight my friend Holly came in and made some darling letters for her daughter Darrah. Black and pink with tons of bling. On the retreat we will bring the cursive family letters, H-O-M-E letters, clipboards, frames, acrylic pails and more. We hope that you might enjoy making a gift for a friend, teacher, neighbor or family member. What a great way to show someone you care. I will be making some gifts as well, stop by, I will share my paint and modge-podge.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Countdown to Scrap Camp

I think I will do a retreat countdown on the blog till we go....

I was at the store tonight planning for some upcoming classes and I was thinking about albums. Probably because we are out of them and I ordered some great Fall colors today I am inspired.

We primarily sell 3 ring albums in the store. They range in price from $16.00 to 32.00. The come in vinyl, leather and canvas, naked and otherwise. I like them because you don't have to scrapbook in order you can insert pages wherever you wish. I know I need a new album, I just can't decide on a color. I don't know if I want dark chocolate brown, or navy. I also start albums and don't finish them. Meaning I started a great album about the things in my life, like my kids, pets, friends, trips, etc. But I haven't added too it. I started a fun album for Savannah and need to add to it as well. I guess in reality we don't finish our albums because our lives are a work in progress.

Do you have an album style you prefer? Are you into a particular style or system of scrapping? Do tell, I would love to get inspired..

Monday, September 3, 2007


There is just 10 days till our Store retreat at the Palouse divide lodge. We had such a great time last Spring I know that the we're really going to have a fantastic event. We have to start packing the store, gathering fairy gifts, finalize the tshirt order and pack! holy heck, I have to organize my pictures and pack some paper. We're going to offer some amazing classes throughout the weekend that just might surprise you. The crop talks are done this time by all the girls from the store so watch out for some classic reminders and also some fun new challenges. With 60 girls going away for scrap camp there are bound to be compromises and lots of laughter. I hope you are as excited as we are....

Get packin'!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

40% off

Labor Day weekend! Some camp, some travel, I rest and work. It was a great day in the store. It began with Erin and Karen coming from Pullman with the kit of the month. Then April and Jean came by. It ended with Sherry S and Sherri. Great ladies.

In honor of Labor Day and my blog reading buddies. Mention this post and receive one item at 40% off Sunday from 12-4. I thought we would celebrate Labor day weekend with a small sale, besides mom is out of town and I am in charge. woohoo!

See you Sunday from 12-4