Saturday, September 1, 2007

40% off

Labor Day weekend! Some camp, some travel, I rest and work. It was a great day in the store. It began with Erin and Karen coming from Pullman with the kit of the month. Then April and Jean came by. It ended with Sherry S and Sherri. Great ladies.

In honor of Labor Day and my blog reading buddies. Mention this post and receive one item at 40% off Sunday from 12-4. I thought we would celebrate Labor day weekend with a small sale, besides mom is out of town and I am in charge. woohoo!

See you Sunday from 12-4


erin said...

I am SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK! It was great to stop by and work on the Page of the Month, and to catch up with you! If you need anything this weekend, just give me a call!

Aunt Jan said...

Cool! If Mike and I don't go out of town tomorrow I'll be by.. We went fishing today.. I broke my toe.. It's a pretty purple..Maybe I'll talk to you tomorrow.. Glad your home...Jan and Chance...