Sunday, September 9, 2007

More countdown to retreat

How Scrap Camp is better than Huntin' camp

No tents or trailers. instead we have an amazing lodge with comfy beds and bedding

We spend the weekend inside, with huge picture windows looking over the forest.

We can spend the weekend in our stylish pajammas or cute scrapbooking shirts, not head too toe in camo covered in urine so that animals will draw close.

We don't have to spend thousands of dollars on guns and ammo that never get shot 'cause the elk, dear mysteriously stay away.

We don't have to cook over an open fire and do the dishes in a creek, instead we will sit down to homemade gourmet meals cooked for us and walk away while someone does the dishes.

We don't need to sit around and impress each other with our conquests of how many antlers on each rack, instead we get to brag about our kids or reminsece about a fun vacation we took

We aren't threatended by someone driving by, on our turf instead we welcome a new friend and ask them to sit with us and share a meal.

All in all there are a million reasons why Scrap Camp is better than any Huntin' Camp