Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Countdown to Scrap Camp

I think I will do a retreat countdown on the blog till we go....

I was at the store tonight planning for some upcoming classes and I was thinking about albums. Probably because we are out of them and I ordered some great Fall colors today I am inspired.

We primarily sell 3 ring albums in the store. They range in price from $16.00 to 32.00. The come in vinyl, leather and canvas, naked and otherwise. I like them because you don't have to scrapbook in order you can insert pages wherever you wish. I know I need a new album, I just can't decide on a color. I don't know if I want dark chocolate brown, or navy. I also start albums and don't finish them. Meaning I started a great album about the things in my life, like my kids, pets, friends, trips, etc. But I haven't added too it. I started a fun album for Savannah and need to add to it as well. I guess in reality we don't finish our albums because our lives are a work in progress.

Do you have an album style you prefer? Are you into a particular style or system of scrapping? Do tell, I would love to get inspired..


Crystal said...

I have a few CM albums.... but I am SO far behind....I need some motivation!!