Monday, September 17, 2007


We're BACK! I can't wait for you to check out Rebecca's, Erin's, Tami's and Cori's blogs, I hope they will put up pictures.... don't forget to check Aunt Jan and Michelle's too. We spent from Thursday at noon till Sunday at 4pm in the mountains at a remote ski lodge surrounded by God's beauty and tons of printed papers. There was music in the background, endless chatter, too many yummy snacks and a whole lotta craftin' going on. It was wonderful!

Ask Tami and Cori about their RAMBO adventure. We had a camo theme going on for the weekend and they visited our cabin fully decked out with paint for make-up and cropping tools for weapons. Kristi and Cori were nice enough to be the papparazzi for us and I can't wait to see their pictures.

We had some exciting news upon arrival, our good friends Heather H and Shannon E announced they were with "child" joining Katie and Amanda and hopefully bringing some more darlings into the world for us to scrapbook.

Cori gave a fun talk on journaling, Tami on doodling. (I will post the awesome layout she made for me) Erin on paint and Debbie on using 2 papers and an accessory. There were tons of fun prizes, and great giveaways. We can't thank COSMO CRICKET enough for our gifts. If you think of it, PLEASE go to their blog and thank them for us. It was amazing. Each girl came home with a desk top tote and tons of paper and other goodies.

We hope people will drop by with a layout, we want to take pictures/copies and place them around the store.

Thanks for going ladies


Aunt Jan said...

Thank-You! We had such a Great weekend. I put picture's on my BLOG. Beckys daughter is in ICU with Guillion-Barre Syndrome. She's getting worse. Pray for her.. take-care

erin said...

THANK YOU!!!! Kristi W. and I had so much fun, and it was all because of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You did an amazing job! See you on Wednesday to talk about the fair, kit club, and my class!

Kristi said...

THANK YOU for the wonderful weekend. You are an amazing person and I was delighted to get to know you a little better this weekend. I will bring my pictures for you on Saturday when I come down for kit club.