Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's time!!! RETREAT

It's here, we are in the final countdown, if you stopped by the store today you might have noticed that some tables are missing and there are boxes everywhere. We have packed and as my friend james says "we are ready to roll!" Tonight I hope to get some clothes packed and get some sleep. I know that as I drive up the hill and into the mountains, I will enjoy the smell of fresh pine and love the crisp Fall air. Its going to be a great weekend to chit chat with friends, remember some fun times with my kids, family and a few trips, but most of all get away from my cells phones, insurance companies nitemares and work worries. (this week we moved offices and it was a pain) I know that I am going to eat too much 'cause the lodge makes the most amazing food and who could resist. I am going to sleep in each morning thanks to my trusty ear plugs and love being with so many fun people. I can't wait to hear kid stories of back to school, soccer and football, or who took what vacation this summer. I know that I will hear my fair share of funny jokes and probably laugh till I cry, but it will be worth it.

If you are lonely and not coming alone, Jimelle has some great classes this weekend, we received a fantastic new paperline, "Daisy Buckets" that is just flying out the door! We have new paint, solid fun shaped Bazzill cardstock and these absolutely darling mini totes. You are going to die!

See you Monday, I will be the one at work that is completele exhausted but I will be present with a smile and a story to share.