Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thanking Cosmo Cricket

Ladies who attended the "InScraptivity" Weekend would you please take a moment to send a quick email thank you to Cosmo Cricket for their generous donations.... Cosmo Cricket. They provided to us the ornaments and also the lacing card kits.
If you have layouts please bring them to the store and let us photocopy them for display. Or if you have digial pic's would you burn us a CD? or upload them to costco for us so we can get them printed? We would love to post some pic's from the weekend on the blog.

Thanks for helping us thank COSMO CRICKET!


Becky said...

I emailed my Thank you...even got a chance to look at their site....AMAZING. I think CC is my favorite company now.

My layouts are on my blog....let me know if you have trouble getting them off of there?

How are ya?

Becky said...

Like the new seems like it is easier to read? What do you think?

Kristi said...

I also emailed my thank you. And thank you Kristi for reminding us to do so.