Friday, August 31, 2007

just some thoughts on being home

I am home! Can you hear the angels sing? I even unpacked.

Shauna at Up in the Nite inspired me to blog tonight. She did a blog on keeping house. Now, if you know me at all, I am busy. We are talking busy. I have 2 teenagers who are involved in their lives which means I am a full time taxi driver. I work for the Governor, not directly but he signs my pay check, I own a scrapbooking store. I have great friends and family and a hubby with 3 dogs. This doesn't leave much time to sleep let alone do laundry or clean.

Last year I rec'd the best advice ever from my friend at work Bonita. She told me that some people are better at cleaning than others. I would rather spend an evening with my kids than do 4 loads of laundry or clean the kitchen. I know some things are a given and have to be done but I am not going to lose sleep or relationship time over vaccum or sweeping the kitchen. Therefore we have a bi weekly housekeeper. She comes Monday morning and Thursday morning. We are then guarnteed that she will sweep, mop, clean the kitchen thoroughly, throw the laundry downstairs, muck out the bathroom including the tub and do the windows. She even dusts! She is a great organizer and she takes the pressure off of me. Now is my house clean? Nope, do you want to eat off of my floors, nope? You are guarnteed some dog hair or some dust, yes we do wear shoes in our house, yes we do at times leave towels and heaveforbid underwear on the bathroom floor. We don't make our bed each morning, the dogs would just mess it up. We take the garbage out each day but we don't mow our lawn each week in fact its about every 10 days. My husband and I, neither of us enjoy the outdoors and yard work, in fact we argue over it. Our yard kid moved on and Jake is too expensive.. so it gets mowed when we call someone.

But I can tell you this. I spend a ton of quality time with my kids, we laugh a lot, we connect and we share. I have fantastic friends that I keep up with and a successful business.

Just don't come over expecting a show home, its down the street a few doors or across town.... in the meantime you might find me laughing on the deck, or taking a nap...


Becky said...

I am so glad that you are back....Jamie said you would be coming in late Thursday night.

Call me when you have time....I know you are trying to get everything caught up.

Alex said...

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