Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One week and counting

This weekend we did a little school shopping. What a fun time of year. New paper, notebooks and pencils. A fancy folder, colored pencils and erasers. I get excited finding treasures, and sales, it begins a new season. We will have a more defined schedule, it means cooler nites and warm sunny days. The Northwest has perfect indian summers, I love Fall. Its a time of change. I love that we still water the lawn but we can open the windows at nite. I love that the trees will turn in a few weeks.

I am sure my kids are a little excited (although they are too cool to admit it, but they like back to school as well.) They like a schedule, they like having purpose. Getting out of the house in the mornings together is fun and then coming back together talking over the day, the experiences and happenings w/ friends.

For Savannah it means ballet and dance again, everyday refining her God given talent and worshipping in a fresh way. Her dance teacher is leaving for Kenya soon and there is a new one on the scene. We know God sent us Courtney, and its going to be a great year. Lots of challenges I am sure but growth is inevitable.

Jacob will be seeking new friends as he is back at the high school here in Clarkston. It will be a whole new experience walking the halls with 1000 other kids.

For the store it means BUSY! We have an event every weekend. We will have a sale for the roundup, a huge retreat with 60 ladies at the Palouse Divide Lodge, then a booth at the fair. We will be receiving a ton of merchandise each week. We love the UpS and Fed Ex drivers. Its like Christmas when we get boxes of paper and accessories. Look for Autumn leaves and their new stamp line, great papers from Creative Imaginations, Daisy Buckets, Paper Salon, Queen and Co., Heidi Grace, Fiskars, Me and My Big Ideas, and much much more!

We are going to really push the envelope of creativity. Dont miss it!!