Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Longing for home

Officially, I have done Dallas. I have been to Super Target, Super Wal Mart, various smaller shops, a great restaurant called Pantera where they serve small panini sandwiches and homemade soups. Johnny Carino's and I have become one. They are similar to Tomato Bros. with their friendliness and their menu. Tonight I had Calamari and salad to go. Not bad. Oh yeah, they have GREAT iced tea.

But I am done. I have been on the 288 loop a few times, I have sat in my fairshare of traffic and the guys who work at Race Trac thinking I am stalking them by coming in each day for my diet coke.

I am praying and asking God to bring me home tomorrow nite or the next.


Becky said...

Sorry I missed your call tonight....we tried to party line you, but you were already on another call.

I wish I was in Dallas with ya...I have had it here!

See you soon...pal