Monday, August 20, 2007

Breathe deep and enjoy

Amazing ladies. I had the opportunity to spend the evening tonight with some amazing ladies. WOW I am awe of their talent, insightfulness, and encouragement. They make me laugh and accept me when I am down. Each bring something unique to our group.

Jimelle is back from a break, I love her quiet presence and her willingness to help out whenever possible. She is going to be teaching 2 card classes a month for awhile, you won't want to miss out.

Debbie is home from her summer away.... she was so missed. She is truly like family to me, she understands how we work, she fills in just like she is my sister or aunt. I am loving all her new projects, watch out for her amazing classes.

Tami and Cori ROCK, Tami did an amazing job on Shriner's crop this weekend, it was such a blessing. They bring life to me and the store. Their energy inspires me. Each day as we chat away I take in their ideas and breathe them in..... If they are missing for a vacation, or something I know something is truly missing like an arm or leg.

Erin, sweet Erin, she is the youngin' in the bunch and I love her. She challenges me with her energy and tenacity. She introduces me to great girls like Kristi and then makes me laugh with her stories. I am so loving having her around.

What a great nite. Just what I needed. My personal life stressful and these ladies help me create a store that is life giving. Their unique personalities and creative ambition make me smile....and breathe deeply thankful for all we have.....


Mark said...

I had so much fun tonight! It was great to get to know the girls a little better. I will be seeing you later this week!