Monday, August 6, 2007

Surprised by the kindness of others

I had an interesting weekend. It was my 20th High School Class reunion. The packet originally arrived at my home in April and it was thrown in a pile with the rest of the "junk mail," I didn't really give it much thought, had it been college I wouldn't have missed it but I was having trouble coming up with reasons to go to the high school one. Afterall, I still live in my home town, my kids attend the high school, anyone that I would like to see I still do.... so why go. Why go and feel the need to prove myself and who I am or who I have become.

I did take a walk down memory lane last week and remember the 80s. WOW nice hair and clothes..... man, what we were thinking? I am sure the hair spray companies made a mint on the 80s. I did wonder about a few childhood friends and where there were in this life. Friday nite my neighbor called and asked me if I wanted to tag along to the cocktail hour. I don't drink and had a horrible day at work so that thought of getting dolled up didn't sound like any fun to me. I opted instead to spend the evening with Savannah having dinner and relaxing. I was at the point of needing some downtime so I took it. The next morning Diana told me she was really glad she had gone and I really missed out. I then called up a childhood friend Chantelle who has in town from Colorado and she answered! She acted like it hadn't been 25 years since we'd seen each other, rather like we had spoken just the week before. She told me to come by around 4:30 and we could go together. (there is that whole group girl thing that still works).

I was then in panic mode. What would I do with the millions of lbs I had gathered over the last 20 years, my hair looked horrible, I was getting my nails done and oh no, WHAT WOULD I WEAR? I don't have a tan, I won't have a date as hubby is out of commission this weekend, suddenly I was thinking hit redial and BAIL! But I didn't. I shopped quickly for an outfit that didn't look great but I felt good in, even got some fun shoes and off we went. Her family welcomed me just like the did the years we spent together. It was comfortable and fun.

I was amazed when I arrived at the hotel. People greeted me and hugged me, they asked about me and my family. They even made me and official nametag and found me a dinner. We spent the next several hours figuring out who was who, there was a darling slide show w/pics from the past and present. There was awards for who had changed the most, the least and been married the longest. There was more chatting, dancing and fun. People hugged me and chatted and were interested. Guess my life isn't so bad afterall. So thanks to Chantelle for letting me tag along, Anita, Steph, Shelly and their gracious husbands for dinner, Andy, Denny, Don, Eric, Colleen, Sherry, and the others who entertained me and were geniunely interested in me and my family. I am now looking forward to our 30th. And yes, I am thinking already about my hair, what to wear and how to shed these lbs I have picked up along the way.


erin said...

I am so glad you had fun at your reunion! See you at the store on Thursday!

Kristi O said...

Sorry I was so busy when you called. Family trauma, hopefully tonight I won't be so busy if you want to chat.

shauna said...

My 20th is next year and I so don't want to go (same reaons...). I'm glad to hear you had fun though--makes me hopeful. Maybe I'll go (did you go to Clarkston or Lewiston?)

TAMI said...

I did not go to my 10 yr. I did not have the desire....maybe my 20th?! Jeff's 20th is in 2009!! He went to a small school and his 10th was FUN!!