Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday and time

I love the time change. Okay let's be more specific. I love the FALL time change. Knowing that when the bedroom clock said 7:10am it was only 6:10am now that's a gift! I didn't have a great Saturday, it was very melancoly but today was better. The sun was shining, we took our Boxer dog Buster to play at our friend Kim's house with her new puppy Dixie and they had a blast. Mike had I enjoyed a relaxing lunch and now I am at my favorite place, THE STORE. I like working Sundays. I seem to get a lot accomplished. Tonight I am hoping when I return home the laundry genie will have been there, if not I have exciting plans watching Amazing Race and doing laundry. Do you like the time change?


Becky said...

I have been off all day. Some clocks changed on their own and others didn't....some I couldn't reach to the day has been kinda confusing.