Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Those I love and miss

We had a working lunch today at my office. While we were eating we went around and shared our favorite Thanksgiving dish. There was lots of fun answers, I think that Stuffing was a clear front runner. I really thought and thought about it. I loved my grandma's rolls, we fought over them when she was alive and none of us know how to make them. I like mashed potato's probably 'cause we don't really ever have them and my mom makes great potato's. I really like that we sit around and visit. My dad is a great story teller.

I will admit that I miss some faces around our table.

My brother and sister in law aren't coming home this year, they will stay in the twin cities and celebrate with family there. My aunt flew to Palm Springs to get warm in the sun with some good friends.

But also missing is my Grandma Madora, my uncle Roger and my other grandparents the Freeberg's. I truly miss my Grandma Do, she was my best friend, in fact my folks live in her home. Its hard not having her here. But she is with us, I can still hear her voice in the kitchen, see her apron, and smell the rolls. My dad's brother Roger passed away very unexpectedly last October. He was a character. Told GREAT stories and really completed my dad's life. He was only in our family for a few years but it was fantastic times. I think his wife and kids have a pretty big hole in their hearts around the holidays. The Freebergs were my adopted grandparents. They were an amazing couple, I was married on the day they celebrated their 60th wedding Anniversary. They truly were in love. She tended to him like no other. She was famous for baking amazing pies and cookies. She was all of 5 foot tall but she ran a tight home. I loved to sit and visit with her. They both passed away to a better place a few years ago and I am sure are loving dinners together in heaven.

I have a full and rich life, So much to be thankful for. I love the times to remember and Thank God. I hope you will do the same. PS we have several empty chairs around our table if you'd like to share a meal, just call or stop by. There is always room!


The Hussy Housewife said...

Very touching. I do not look forward to the days of when I will miss some of my family members around the table.

Becky said...

Nice blog.....I will be thinking of you on Thanksgiving.

We all have great memories of those that are no longer at the Thanksgiving table, don't we?

HAve a wonderful day with your family!