Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just another day in paradise

Today was just a day. You know, nothing hugely wrong, nothing great. Work was work, and at times its really mundane. I had a lot of customer interaction and that got old really fast. I had a few hours today with my daughter Savannah. She is witty and bright, so much fun, and I think really searching to discover who she is....ahhh the perils of being a teenager. I am so thankful that I know a Father, Jesus who will take care of her and will show her the way to walk. There is a great big world out there for her is she will just take a few steps outside her comfort zone.

Tonight Tami taught a really great class at the store inspired by Junkitz, it was an All about me album. The girls really embraced the knowledge that we are behind the camera and taking sometime to tell those around us what we love and who we think we are is so important. We convinced Cori to come down and take some pictures for us for our new website but it was really a plot to celebrate her birthday. She is such a wonderful person and so special in my heart. We share a peanut buster parfait ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and a few laughs. She got a darling fossil handbag from Tami Sue. It was a nice break celebrating Cori. I know you will get to meet these great girls soon, as they are creating their blogs as we speak. I tell you. God knew what he was doing when he loaned me them. They are funny, loyal, laid back, supportive, they make me smile and always know when to listen as I whine and find my way. I fully believe that Tami creates in her sleep and Cori knows what what embellishment goes with what.

Next time I will introduce you to Debbie and Erin. Great, Creative girls that make some fantastic layouts and projects!

I am off to watch a movie with Savannah and to sleepi nite nite... as we say at our house. .... here is my blog of the day recommendation....