Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We are back!!! and thank you!!! new arrivals!!

Can I just tell you that we have the most amazing friends that help in our store? I can't even show my gratitude here. Mom, dad, Savan and I trekked to Oregon for a week and didn't look back, the only reason I called was to tell Tami there was a sale at the COACH store. I knew that things would be fine. I didn't even blink an eye. I know many family run businesses that have to close 'cause they don't have trustworthy people, well I am telling you, we rested and enjoyed knowing that it was all good. In the meantime, we rec'd some amazing inventory, sold a ton of product and even got in some new Christmas/Halloween! oh my you have to hurry in! (the Halloween paper is from Pinecone press, and the Christmas from Fancy Pants)

Tami, Amanda, Melissa, Randi Jo, Dawn, Cori, and of course Freddie, THANKS a ton. You make me smile!