Monday, November 24, 2008

Home decor, craft time, Crop, we have it all!

this week:
Tuesday - THANKFUL BLOCKS what a perfect way to decorate for Thanksgiving!
Wednesday- Calendars, easy and such a fun gift
Friday- oh me oh my!

Wood stamps 20% off
CORD albums from American Crafts 20% off
Saturday- CROP, CRAFT, visit! Get out of the house! 3-midnite!
Sunday- kids club 2-4 $10
(call for more info or a seat 743-2014)


On Purpose said...

Dear Wonderful Kristi...yes you are wonderful so go back and read those words until you start to know them. You are wonderful because He created you in His image! I am praying with you and for you my friend. Of course you can join in on this journey. The one thing I will NOT be disappointed...because Our God...promises for all things to work out good...for His daughters who love Him. Kristi...we are seeking Him together...please know you are not alone. Email me anytime...and KNOW...I love you and am praying for you and with you!