Wednesday, March 18, 2009

quick drop in...

my folks and Savannah are in Seattle this week. Savannah saw a new doctor today for her back... he wants her to do 12 weeks of PT. She is not enthusized at all but its going to take work to dance again, this doctor was very hopeful! Tomorrow they will see the Capital, maybe even a legislative session and do some shopping. Friday they will go to the furniture factory and then come home. She misses home already, isn't that sweet?

Mike is working hard on coming home. Many of you haven't heard an update in awhile but he is working the learning process they have taught him and its working, we are working on a transition plan. We need prayer folks!

The cleaning fairies are still about our house. There is progress. Now if the yard fairies would come back and the sun would shine. Did you watch Oprah today? It was all about decluttering, Peter and Oprah are right... I can testify.

There is a ton of new fun product at the store, you won't believe it, Adorn it, Chatterbox, Prima... more than you need, but will love!