Wednesday, April 8, 2009

interesting notes

Here are some very recent statistics that I think you will find both interesting and promising:
*In the last quarter, McDonald's sales were up 8% (comfort food)
*Movie ticket sales are up 17%
*Video games sales are up 12.5%
*MAC cosmetics/lipstick sales are up by double digits (make up allows women to feel prettier instantly)
We all know that the act of scrapbooking provides the scrapper with a real sense of accomplishment and inspiration. The completion of a scrapbook page makes a scrapper "FLAT feel good". Our industry's products remain very affordable, relative to housing, cars and furniture

What do you think? I find that we are getting back to basics and crafting is on the rise. We are noticing more and more new customers and we hope you are noticing that our shelves are stocked and filled with fun ideas.