Monday, June 22, 2009


Stop by and tell us about your dream vacation here on the blog...
A random winner will be chosen for a bag of goodies!
Contest ends Tuesday


Dawn said...

My dream vacation? I have many "dreams"!

1. Scrapping with my 3 best scrapping buddies at a getaway location, surrounded by a forest with snow falling all around! Someone else doing the cooking and cleaning, and cozy beds with flannel comforters. mmmm

2. On the coast in a hotel room overlooking the beach with my hubby. Preferably during stormy weather. Room service, a good book, some card games.

3. Family vacation to Disneyland and no one getting motion sick, short lines for all the rides, and plenty of money to spend on souvenirs and the photos I have to have printed afterward!

Aunt Jan said...

My dream vacation is going on our first 7 night Norwegian Cruise to Eastern Caribbean! We have reservations in 2010.. We're so excited!! Then coming home and scrap my Cruise album!!!!

Neeser said...

My dream vacation right now is for my family to go on a Disney Cruise. I think it would be great some time on the water and some time playing at disney world.