Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A bit of a personal twist

Today caught me off guard. My 8-5 job wasn't fun, in fact it made my stomach ache, I did get to have lunch w/a great buddy and that helped, then off to the store, ordering for the holiday season and planning for some fun classes and workshops. Thinking about staffing, and events... off to home for some dinner and more work. Around 8pm, Mike announces to the family,

"It's 8pm -I haven't drank in one year"
I couldn't believe that it had been a year. It was like a motion picture went thru my eyes. I wished I had journaled more and thought a bit more, but most evident in my heart and mind is
I am so thankful!!!
We were not burned, we do not smell like smoke
We did not drown, we in fact learned to swim better
We can see the Hand of God even in the darkest of nites.

There are too many to thank who really stood by us this last yr. Family, friends, customers, bloggy buddies, twitter and facebook pals, co workers and more...... you each took time to listen, encourage and most of all pray.

We aren't sitting on dry land soaking in the sun, in fact at times its worse than last year when Mike began this journey, but today, for tonight we can see the hand of God and we are GRATEFUL