Friday, May 7, 2010

job update....

I will do my best to just give the facts.
1) I got my notice on Monday. I accepted a "Transfer to the Boise area, Region 3/4" and begged to not be placed in the Processing center aka call center.
2) got a no response from the Div Admin that my only option was the processing center
3) emailed program mgr asking for clarification
4) waited for a few days no response
5) HR girl calls to talk.... had I wanted to talk to her in the first place I would have originally emailed her.... not happy
6) called program manager again
7) still no answers
8)find out today that cubicle mate to the left has been assigned to the job I wanted and he is still on probation and I have almost 7 yrs of service
9) get a phone call offering me an interview at a local hospital. (pays almost half but its a foot in the door and I wouldn't have to commute 6 hrs away)
10) call about another job prospect today with a reputable local company.
11) completely spent emotionally. On the verge of really angry as I was lied too over and over by the HR people.
12)thankful its the weekend.

My interview for the hospital is Monday at 10:30, I would need them to offer me the job that week as I have to back out of my transfer option by 5pm on Monday the 17th
thank you for listening and joining in my petitions.....