Wednesday, January 21, 2009

packing travel and such..

today I need to be doing this...... (no we don't have a new dog, but I will tell you that our dogs surround the bags and get in and out the whole time we are packing)
wouldn't it be nice if this were reality a husband and wife packing together with smiles........

I need to pack 'cause I am leaving soon to go here.... and here

Queenie and Queen Jean and I leave soon.... for almost a week in the sun and meeting with friends and vendors at the Craft and Hobby show. We are going to lots of pre parties and vendor meetings to check out the latest and greatest for 2009! I think this calls for a sale..... how about 20% off all Disney and travel today. mention this ad


Manoj Sharma said...

Second number picture of your blog is so sweet. Can you tell me the name and place of this? I want go here to see this.
Conil de la Frontera

Jean said...

nice, can't wait to leave.