Friday, January 23, 2009

we're here its 60 degrees here!

We got here, had a crazy weird shuttle driver!
oh me oh my!
then we checked in and headed to the bar to find some dinner and mom had a margarita. It was mexican we were so excited... NOT, oh my gosh, Taco Bell is so much better. It was pathetic but it was food, the server was funny and he gave me diet coke to go. not shabby.
Our friends from San Jose have texted us, they are just down the road and we will see each other tomorrow.
In the morning we are going to shop and run around Anaheim a bit in our rental car
then off to Pre Show parties, We have CI at 4pm, Stamping Station, and SEI. Mom is attending a retailer training nite as well. We will definitely get a ton of loot tomorrow!


Dawn said...

have much fun!! can't wait to see what you get when you get back.