Tuesday, June 22, 2010

quick hello

I am supposed to be doing some work or sleeping but instead my mind is racing 100 miles an hour
I have been on three days off from my "real job" and working like crazy at my fun job
The store is now empty, thanks to some really cool dudes and a big moving truck.
The paint is almost done thanks to Dana and more dudes
Tomorrow the tile will be set and the carpet will begin.
Hopefully by Thursday nite we will be a "store" again
My van is full of slot wall, and trim and boards, we have the furniture lined out and ready to be
placed. then the fun errr horror begins as we pack and unpack and decorate.
Its very exciting and awfully overwhelming as well.

I want this store to be a safe place again to create, and design and remember. To bring in photos that make us proud and make us smile, to make pages and projects about those we love. That is why we have a store.

In the meantime Mike is having surgery again on his ankle. My dad will come home from Chicago and then leave again for Minne in just a few days. I know that Mike has a great surgeon and God is in control its just one more hoop for us and Mike. He is also preparing to go to Wisconsin to a speciality hospital for OCD. There are only 2 hospitals of this kind in the US. I hope that he is willing to make this work, we are at the end of our rope as a family.

I will be working starting tomorrow straight thru till the 5th of July. I will have to depend on GOD, and my hard working friends, pals, customers, and saints to get us packed, moved, unpacked and running at the store....

Now... the other exciting, keeping me awake idea.... we have a dream... I know you have heard this before and waaalaaa we opened a scrapbook store.... well... the next logical step for us is a RETREAT CENTER where we can host scrapbooking, quilting GETAWAYS!!!!!!!!! stay tuned


Tefani_Trow said...

I have been to several scrapbooking retreats, memorable and productive. I'll ready for one after finish college this fall.