Thursday, June 24, 2010

what do you know another blog post this week

Mike made it thru surgery, instead of a 30 min procedure, it was 1 hr 45. I almost got panicky. They did a great deal of repair to the torn ligament and he made it thru, one screw removed, two and a bolt inserted. A cast for 4-6 weeks and non weight bearing. WOWsie, we need some grace with that healing Lord.

Work was good tonight but each time a patient passes on, its hard, I pray for the family and for the person. We are all affected.

The store is looking like a store again! If anyone wants to pack boxes and unpack boxes, we could use your help on Saturday.

Hopefully going to a Beth Moore study tomorrow. I am learning so much and want to really go and soak in under her teaching.


Desiree said...

Yay!!! Love Beth Moore. Have fun!
I applied for the Accounting Assistant job there at the hospital. Scott has been working down there for a couple of weeks now. Last Friday I had an interview at Red Lion for their Accounts Receivable person and the gal who interviewed me said she would call me Monday either way...still haven't heard back from her and I've left 3 messages now....hmmmm. I hope the one at the hospital comes through.