Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday morning...

I don't think I like Monday's. I don't like having to wake up and get ready, I would prefer to get up when I am good and ready, I don't like that it means we will be busy and hurrying from place to place, I don't like that it means that I will be working all day without time for "relationship" so I thought I would start a new blog tradition, I would start being Thankful on Monday's.

I was lying in bed last nite trying to fall asleep, tossing and turning and already anxious about Monday morning, when I realized a few things.

I am thankful for...
- a husband who snores 'cause it means he is home, safe and peacefully sleeping, not alone in a hospital or up 'cause he has anxiety
- a son who was excited to go to school when he went to bed because his kidneys are healing and he no longer feels so crummy
-a warm bed with dogs snuggled all around me instead of all alone in a foreign town
-a daughter who was content to watch Law & Order reruns with me all evening and one who is not out till all hours of the nite with God knows who.
-a husband who woke us all up to go to church together, instead of a husband who doesn't know God.

Just a few things that keep Monday's in perspective. How about you?


shauna said...

Thanks for the reminder. I'm grateful for:

1. Kids with energy because it means they're healthy.
2. A home that keeps us safe and warm (while it pours outside)
3. A job where I can work from home and keep my kids close by.
4. Blogger friends like you...