Monday, October 8, 2007

Random facts

Lil' fun info...
Nickname: Kristi O

Scrapbook size: 12 x 12
Camera: Pink Cannon
Work Space: anywhere my friends are, but currently the studio in my store
Style: undefined
1 or 2 pages?: depends
Color preferences: rich ones like navy's, red's
Fave products: almost anything
Childhood ambition: Marine biologist
Fondest Memory: owning my first horse
Retreat: the ocean
Wildest dream: Scrapbooking 10 day cruise
Proudest moment: 12/12/98
Biggest challenge: not enough time to sleep
Alarm clock: 6am
Perfect day: peaceful, sunny, friends
1st job: work study in college admissions office
Indulgence: Diet COKE
Last purchase: bagel
Fave movie: American President
Inspiration: my mom


Mark said...

This is great, Kristi! I love learning more about you...see you on Wednesday!