Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The unexpected

My morning started off so normal, arrived at work a little late and signed onto my computer, then the phone rang, it was Mike (not unusual) He exclaims "Wilson (the neighbors dog) was in our backyard, the boys (our dogs) were a little too worried," so in an attempt to grab Wilson, fight breaks out, Mike reaches in to break it up and CHOMP, there is a hand bite. The neighbor was home, got her dog safely to his kennel, our dogs back in the house and off to Tri State ER Mike goes. I met him there. They have him in x-ray and his hand looks so twisted and swollen, we all assumed it was broke. I am quickly thinking, great, another hospital stay while they do surgery. The wounds aren't that bad, but the bones are blue already. 3 x-ray's later and some scrubbing, (oowwwee) Its not broke! (Thank GOD) But it was stitched both inside and out and dressed and casted. Mike was a trooper. He is home resting and will be fine. The dogs are so concerned its sweet.

How is your Tuesday?


Kristi said...

I think your stint with the karma gods must be over by now! So sorry to hear this.

Kristi O said...

I must have really pissed off someone in the karma world, huh? Curse be gone! If you see me wearing some garlic around me neck you know its my white flag! HAHAHAAA

Becky said...

When it rains it pours....God, stop the rain!!