Friday, January 16, 2009

Sometimes really all there is... is PRAYER

Again another reason to call on the name of the Lord.. many of you know I have some dear friends, the Beeson's who have been trying to adopt a little girl from China for what seems like forever.. well today I was made aware of an amazing family who is connected in the adoption world.. I think just 'cause I am aware of the Beeson's process this families story hit me, they just returned from adopting 2 more babies and their home burned within days... 10 family members displaced. Makes me think about what I would do. I have a family + 4 dogs... and a foster dog, No one in their right mind would take us all in and help us thru something like that kind of loss...... see their blog and pray for them. While you are at it, pray that the Beeson's hear something about their precious little girl. God doesn't put a burden in our souls and leave it undone... something is in the way... "open the door Lord... open it up the gates of heaven... amen