Sunday, February 8, 2009

mom's new toy PAZZLES

My mom went a little crazy and bought something at CHA, she has been thinking about,
researching and just generally lusting after a PAZZLES, pictured is the consumer version, but mom thought if you are going to do it... GO BIG or GO HOME and bought the commerical one.

The Creative Cutter is a professional computerized paper cutting system, using your home computer you can cut custom shapes, images, and words out of cardstock, vellum, chipboard* and more!. Now with our online image center, you can download cutting images quickly, and easily. Imagine never waiting for another steel die just to find out its too big, too small, or isn't quite what you were looking for.
Now you can have images on demand, as big or small as you want, you can even change the image to meet your needs! With a Creative Cutter the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Use your home computer to automatically join letters! Add images and create custom titles, overlays, even boxes, bags, embellishments and more! With the Creative Cutter, your craft projects are more enjoyable than ever before. (from their website)

Watch out now, she will be a die cutting fool. It should be here in a few weeks