Monday, March 17, 2008

Being Grateful on a Monday

I was gone last week working out of town and attending a wedding, its nice to be home and I thought it was a good idea to be Thankful today.....
-Savannah got to try on her dress for Jr. Miss last nite and it is so beautiful and she loves it!
-I have amazing parents, people who love me despite my short comings
-I have avoided this flu that is going around (thank GOD)
-It was sunny yesterday
-I am half way thru my diet coke
-Tami and Cori are home from their retreat and they had fun!
-Amanda helped me in the store on Saturday price a ton of new product!
-I met a new friend or two Saturday nite, Heather and Hilary were a RIOT!
-God is good, ALWAYS!


Shauna Belknap said...

Kristi--I know what I'm thankful for this Monday... KRISTI! Thanks so much for sending those gifts to our family scrapbooking party with my mom. They were awesome (and we had a blast!). Thank you!