Thursday, March 6, 2008


After work I went to the store so Miss 'Manda could go put her feet up and rest, she is going to have that baby any week now. teehee. I had a package waiting for me. Amanda said she almost opened it for me. HA! well it was my swap from Gusto Girls blog that I mentioned last week. I had the nicest gift ever from Erin in Utah. (funny thing her mom was in my store last week) I love this whole blogging world. I will post a picutre tomorrow, but I am sure you will be jealous to know that I got.... A egg full of the most yummy truffles ever, a egg shaped soap, a darling altered journal with a hand written note, a fun spring wind chime and the most precious Easter hanging that says "He is risen" They were all perfect, and it made me feel so special. It was a perfect ending to my day. It was like a smile that came in the mail. I am mailing off my present tonight, I have been working on making something and its taking freakin... opps sorry... forever said with a smile.

Thanks Gusto girl for organizing this fun!


Erin said...

Kristi--I am so glad that you liked everything! I had a hard time deciding what to include...but I am glad that I picked the right things. Happy easter and happy spring!