Sunday, March 23, 2008

What an amazing experience!

This week was Savannah's Jr. Miss week. It was filled with endless practice sessions, a Luncheon, an interview, Tech and dress rehearsal, many late nites without dinner or sleep and finally a really wonderful evening for the competition. Although she didn't place or win a scholarship she was amazing. So many people commented on her presence, her poise, her bright smile and how natural she looked. She had fun, made some new friends and really stretched herself just to compete. The program is based on grades, an interview, a 90 second talent, fitness and self expression, Savannah drew a question on time travel and she answered very well! We were so proud of her.

Thanks to so many people for this week. Thanks for Tami and Ashlyn for coming and cheering and loaning us your amazing camera, Thanks for Traci for the bracelet and rides, to Holly, Debbie and Liv for cheering her on, Thanks for Jackie, Abby and Aly for being so encouraging and for her bath and body gift! Thanks to my mom for more than you ever will know and to Marge for her love and support. There are so many more to thank.... we are so loved, Savannah is so blessed to have such amazing people in her life!


TAMI said...

You all should be so proud of Savannah and how well she did. I thought she did amazing and it is not just because I know her- she did soooooooo AWESOME. Her smile, poise, random ??, fitness & talent were all pure perfection. She really inspired Ashlyn-

Jamie said...

I has a blast. I am glad I was able to comea nd support You and your family...especially Savannah!! She rocked.