Sunday, March 30, 2008


Whatcha doin'?
Quick - tell me a few things you are doing right now.
I am:
Listening to the little dog eat
Listening to Savannah sing at the other computer and Law & Order in the background
Wondering if anyone is going to change the laundry or if I am going to have too
Thinking about why my FSA didn't fund tonight
Happy that its Spring Break for the kids
Looking at a dusty piano and Sugar sleeping in the chair
Debating if I want to call back Kelly or go to bed
Wondering if its going to be sunny tomorrow and warm
Thinking, why is Jake going to be okay going to him mom's. I am so worried about him
Drinking Diet coke
Realizing that the alligator skin on my legs means I need moisturizer and need it ASAP
Thinking that I am really thankul that Savan is able to work tomorrow since Mom is sick!
Your turn. Nothing spectacular - just whatever you are doing on this Sunday (or whenever you are reading).


Andrea said...

I am reading blogs when I should be doing laundry...and waiting to here back on our offer. They offered...we countered...they countered and we countered now we wait and hope. I be blogging about when I know something! Hope you are having a great Monday!!