Monday, April 14, 2008

Being Thankful

Yesterday was the start of being Thankful for me. I got Mike's car all spivy clean, nothing like a shiny black car, filled it with gas and Savan and I took off to see the new boxer puppies at the Pickron Home. PSBOXERS, it was just what I needed after an exhausting week. How can you not love being licked by Braddock and Mandy, and cuddling with 6 week old puppies. I know this will sound corny but driving thru the freshly planted wheat fields is theraputic, the sun was shining there were good tunes on the CD player and great company.
Then we were off to ON, what a faithful friend, Old Navy always makes you feel good when you purchase a darling skirt, shorts and pants for Savan. I had to say a huge Thank you to her for working for the Queen during Spring Break.
Then today it rained.... but I can still be Thankful.
* Yes there was Diet coke this morning
* Some fun customers came in tonight while I was working! (Hi Miss Sara)
* Mom is feeling a bit better and worked all day
*Savannah has all her costumes ready for the Civic Theater this week
*some laundry got done this weekend (notice I did not say all, afterall there were puppies to meet)
*I got to hold baby Jaxon while he was in the store, he is just 10 days ol and precious. Aydann wasn't so sure I should be holding him though, but its rough being 2 and a princess
*Costco got in Salsa Cream cheese dip again, have you ever had this on a tortilla for dinner? Yum yum!
*My dad and hubby sent me flowers last week to cheer me up! 24 pink roses, they are still gorgeous on my desk at work. Thanks Mike and dad, luv ya!
* Jean called me just to say hi today and Brenda said she needed some "Kristi time" What amazing friends God has blessed me with.
*Just a few more days and I am off to Spokane for some fun at the Davenport and WoF.
What a week, I am ready for the weekend and its just Monday nite.


shauna said...

I woke up wishing it was the weekend (how bad is that?). I love your lists. They make me thankful for all that's mine.

p.s. Thanks for the taco john tip. That's HUGE! :)

Aunt Jan said...

Oh.. did you bring a new boxer home??? Would of loved to see them... Let's set up a date for the dog' play..