Monday, April 7, 2008

I need to be Thankful

Its been one of those days.....
I think the first thing I need to do is Thank GOD.... otherwise I am going to go postal on someone.... (yes Jamie would have come up with some way funnier here but my funny bone is on strike this week)
- There was plenty of Diet coke today
- instead of working on my lunch I went out w/Jean and it was just what I neeed. Love you Jean the Queen
-We got in new stamps today from Great Impressions, how can one not love SPRING stamps?
-Savan helped again at the store 'cause mom is still sick, she is great. What would I do without her? -Love ya babe!
-Amanda had her baby, Mr. Jaxon arrived last week and they are healing at home, not without twists and turns but all good things come with a price, right?
-I have 6 people signed up for my beginning class tomorrow nite, that means that people are catching on that Scrapbooking is important work, its a high calling to record all the good things in our lives!
-I had a GREAT private party Saturday nite, Kerry O, Kim W, and Traci F made HOME Letters and had girl talk, thanks ladies for the therapy!
-Our luau rocked totally Don Ho style Friday nite. Dad cooked fab chicken and beef kabobs and Aurie made yummy salads, people loved their leis' and punch. I love having such energy in the store. 26 ladies makes this place all worth it!!!
-I have funny dogs to go crawling home too and a hubby who with limited coping skills still reached out and tried to comfort me this weekend in my time of sorrow, frustration and sadness.

How about you? Are you thankful or are you like me and need Jesus to come into your Boat and calm the sea? This rowing can be tiring when it just keeps raining and storming...


Becky said...

Well, I am thankful for having Brad home.

Sounds like your Luau was a hit!

shauna said...

Thankful I have June 19th to look forward to. Hope you're feelin' better, sweetie! You've saved my bacon (i.e. child support & fabulous scrap night!) so I don't know what I would have done without you.