Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A new Magazine!

I love when you make a new friend in an unexpected place and God's goodness overflows. I had the chance to make a friend this year, Stephanie, she is an amazing, real girl from So. Cal who is honest, funny, energetic and seeks the heart of Jesus with her whole being. I love her outlook on life and genuine warm heart for friends and family. She is one I could meet up in the driveway while the kids played after schhol and talk about all the good things that God is doing in our lives. I am so excited for her and a project she's been pouring her heart into!

You can find this beauty May 15th at JoAnn's, Barnes & Noble and some other places. BUY IT~


TAMI said...

Kristi you are SOOOOOO right on this one- this magazine is great. There is so many ideas...I JUST LOVE IT and cannot wait for the new one!