Monday, May 5, 2008

BEING Thankful

Being Thankful. Today I am so not thankful, I really am not. It was such a Monday at my 8-5 job, but really there are simple facts to be thankful for...
1) The sun was shining and it finally looking like SPRING!
2) I definitely had a DIET COKE for breakfast
3) My mom merchandised all the new product today and some already sold
4) James and Andrea came and worked in the store tonight making fun projects
5) I was able to help Courtney with a lovely mother's day gift
6) Tami and Cori worked for me so that I could have a day off yesterday
7) Mike arrived safely home from Texas, our dogs are soooo excited!
8) I watched a little TV tonight and relax, but I still have a headache.

Its hard to be thankful when there is conflict, frustration or you are worrying about loved ones. But its good, its a principle I am practicing!


Andrea said...

THANKS for letting us stay late!! Unfortunately I have so much more to do so I will be in more this I will see you around!

Wendy said...

hi kristi...I meant to leave my comment here, but accidentally commented on one of your previous 'thankful lists' see that one also!!! Blessings- W