Monday, May 26, 2008

BEING Thankful

After this weekend of being sick. I am very thankful.
1- Lysol is my friend, we have covered the house, every door knob, telephone, remote, and more
2- dogs are good companions, they don't leave our sides when we are sick, its divide and stick closeby. Yes Mike and Savannah are both awfully sick
3- my mom would have done anything she could to make us all better this weekend.
4- I am thankful I don't have small children in our family, as it would have been BAD
5- My laptop is GREAT. What did we do before wireless internet? I have read more blogs, surfed on twopeas and even watched tv
6- it was a 3 day weekend, thankfully. I didn't have to call in sick today
7- My friends seemed to have had a good weekend, I cheered them on from the phone as to not infect anyone.

Now, my prayer is this... Thank you Father for the small things that make a big difference. Come quickly and take away this flu. Amen.