Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thoughts on TV

So... this weekend I had the chance to catch up on some TV shows..
BUT... I am bummed 'cause most of them are ending now. I feel a bit ripped off. The whole writers strike ruined the Fall and winter for TV watching. Now the shows are over and what are we going to watch?
We are official reality TV junkies after the strike. We are hooked on Top Chef, the Real Housewives, Project Runway, Jon & Kate plus 8, Deadliest Catch, and anything on Food. I keep hoping that some new shows would come on, but who knows?

What are you going to watch this summer?


Polly said...

Hey Kristi! I haven't been on-line much this past week as I've been traveling and plannin' parties. Anyway, my new-found-friend to replace TV are books on CD! I LOVE them AND I don't have to look up while scrapbooking. ;) I have purchased some, got some from the library and have also rented some at Hastings. If I do watch TV it's usually the Food Network or HGTV.

Wendy said...

Hi Kristi

We love Jon and Kate plus 8 and Little People Big World...We love to snuggle up with movies. Kirk is really into all the old Disneys that he grew up on like 'The Absent Minded Professor' hmmmm...I think I may have married him! Hope you're feeling better!

Scrapping Mommy said...

Lucky me gets to watch My Lil Pony and Dora... :) But I love Food Network, but I don't plan on watching TV, I plan on catching up on some pic's that need scrapp'n.

Susie said...

Hope you are feeling better and thanks for leaving me a comment. It means a lot!

Becky said...

My cousin introduced me to Jon & Kate too. I love that show. I can so relate to her....minus 5 kids.

Are you better?