Friday, May 9, 2008

I've been tagged!

I am excited! I got tagged by 'Chelle!

5 Things on my T0-Do List:
Change the sheets on our bed, get work clothes ready for next week, figure out why the shower is so slick this week, make Duke a vet appointment and go to Spokane with my mom
5 Snacks I enjoy: homemade brownies, pringles, jerkey, real popcorn, and diet coke
5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire: Set up a foundation for education, travel w/ my whole family, build homes for us altogether, own a larger store, and have my own barn of clydesdale horses.
5 Bad Habits: cleaning my ears incessantly, talking on the phone while I drive, talkin too much, leaving a mess in my room, and not using the correct garbage at the store
5 places I have lived- San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Montana, New Jersey and Clarkston
5 jobs I've had- polar bear, travel agent, clinique girl, store owner, government worker
I'm tagging, Erin in Utah, Shauna at Up in the Nite, and Traci C.


Scrapping Mommy said...

Hey dork that was me that tagged you... :) Drive careful to Spokane.